Oasis at Vivid (Live Recording in 4K)

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Summary Statistics

  • Site: Twin Ponds, The Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney

  • Site Area: 480sqm;

  • Site Bounding Area of 50x15m

  • Installation Period: May 25 - June 16, 2018

  • Estimated Total Attendance: 600,000 - 880,000

  • Installation Live Run Time: 110 hour

  • Lighting Wattage: 648W

  • Lighting Fixture: 600 x 60mm RGB Ball Lights

  • Lighting System: DMX512, 4 Universe, 12 power clusters

  • Software & Sync: MADRIX + TIMELORD

  • Hardware: 2 x MADRIX LUNA4 + 4 x MADRIX USB-ONE

  • Sound Design: Adobe Audition CC

  • Total structural Length: 1.5km

  • Total Support Cabling Length: 5.2km

  • Total Installation Weight: 4200kg


More than just a Light Installation


Oasis pays homage to the memory of the ‘forgotten’ Australian children who grew up in care; in orphanages, children’s homes, foster care and institutions.

This beautiful and poignant installation creates a sea of lights that dance on and around water. It is positioned in a corner of the Royal Botanic Garden, Sydney dedicated to the memory of “lonely, frightened, lost and abused children who never knew the joy of a loving family”.

The floating lights bob and sway with the elements but always return to their upright position, a paradox of fragility and resilience. From afar, the lights beckon to all who pass by – up close the lights lead the viewer to a place of deep reflection.