Microscopic Wonder

A Museum of Natural Science


I have always been terrible at learning in a static environment. I like to roam, to explore, to find light seeping over the crack of a rock. How then, do you replicate an environment which people find stimulating? 

Referencing spatial conditions of naturally occurring spatial artifacts such as caverns, waterfalls, caves and canyons, this natural science museum is a space of discovery. The vertical layering of spatial conditions construct a type of exaggerated enclosure and immersion common in an insects world. This is a journey of compression and expansion, or day and night, of dry and wet, climate and atmosphere.


Interstitial Passage-Bridge between the Past & Present_James Feng Design_Sydney Freelance Designer
The Vertical Sublime-interior__James Feng Design_Sydney Freelance Designer.jpg
The Vertical Sublime-exterior__James Feng Design_Sydney Freelance Designer
A Museum of Relevance- Section_James Feng Design_Sydney Freelance Designer