Australlus_James Feng Design_Sydney Freelance Designer

Omni-directional Sound: Reinvented in Concrete.


This project required the design, modelling & visualization of a new generation concrete laminate generation woofer systems. A design of classical proportions and modernist gracefulness, a celebration of sound, technology. material and most of all: artisan craft.

Modelled and designed off sketches by Mr. G in Rhino3d, textured, lit and rendered in Cinema4D

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An artisan speaker brand that celebrates the purity of sound. Proudly made in Australia.

The purpose of any loudspeaker’s enclosure is intended to be to house the driver without adding any colouration to the sound. Too often though, an eye-catching design catches more than just the eye, with compromises frequently being made in the accurate reproduction of a given music source.

"The designers have pulled of a hat-trick of brilliant design initiatives, not the least of which is aerated concrete... giving an inert, lightweight basis for the moulded construction"


Scientifically Sculpted Sound

Whilst most manufacturers of supposedly omni-directional speakers use multiple drivers in a wide array pointing in many directions, or resort to a cone of cheap plastic when they even make an attempt at sound wave reflection, the Australlus original column loudspeakers exclusively use the science of mathematics to propel and accelerate all frequencies over 300 Hz with our scientifically formulated, exponentially curved, hand cast, solid alloy reflectors which accelerate and enhance the output of our top quality drivers in a way that is quite simply not emulated in modern Hi Fi.

Australlus_James Feng Design_Sydney Freelance Designer

The balance of material and textures was the result of fine-tuning. I felt that it is important to work with the proportion of thirds, straight lines and arcs, to give a structured, massy aesthetic. sharp edges are chamfered to catch light and add detail to places where materials meet.

The lighting scene was a basic studio setup, a L profile diffuse background with thin soft-boxes on either left and right (one being dominant), and alternating cool/warm; one large overhead soft-box that is more dim, and a punchy spot light to add specular reflections to the dark metals. A  wider 20mm focal length was used quite close to the object to exaggerate a sense of depth and scale.

Australlus_James Feng Design_Sydney Freelance Designer

My involvement on this project was around 4 weeks from beginning to end and these products are continually being developed for mass-production. You can visit/purchase these woofers at once they become available for sale.

Australlus_James Feng Design_Sydney Freelance Designer