Upon the large amount of requests sent to us for original soundtrack mix of OASIS, we have decided to remaster the mix for stereo and share it with our viewers! 

The mixing and audio engineering process took us roughly six weeks and eight drafts to finalise the atmosphere and texture of the sounds and how they would drive our narrative and lighting animations.


The track can broken down to the following layers:


Staccato notes   |    Old-time radio vocals   |   Lyrical vocals   |    Chatter

Crescendos   |   Textured SFX   |   Bass-lines   |   Percussion


Real world recorded Atmospheric elements such as

streams, rain, storms, wind, forest and bird recordings.


Many snippets heard in the soundtrack is sources from a kid's radio show aired in the 1930s called Magic Island. The storyline dealt with a wealthy woman and her search for her long lost daughter. You can find and listen to all 130 episodes here.



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Vivid Oasis: Photography by Mark Laygan






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An extensive look into the process of design, material sourcing, import, Fabrication & Programming of OASIS.