Hi everyone,

First of all I hope everyone is having a wonderful time, where-ever you may be. It has taken me a couple of weeks to piece together some of my works into a website (terrible organisation skills I know), but hopefully the result is somewhat acceptable. I have recently become involved with a lovely architecture community at 3nta and they suggested that I would help with managing their social media platforms as well as to make rendering tutorials for Photoshop/Cinema/3ds Max Vray etc.. 

I need ideas.

Let's start off with something short and simple, it could be anything involving graphic design, photography editing, composition, photo manipulation in Photoshop, any questions you might have, any skills you want simple explanations for... I certainly don't claim to know it all, and I will expect to be doing my fair share of research and hopefully be able to digest and simplify the wealth of information out there. Anyway, feel free to comment below, I am open to ideas.

Meanwhile, I will be having fun playing around with Forest Pack on 3ds max (test render in thumbnail)

Look forward to seeing your replies.


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